UNITED PRIMOVER ENTERPRISES, INC. shall provide the necessary services and manpower requirements for such projects to be undertaken by the CLIENT in the country where the business is located and for projects located in other countries, if requested in writing by the CLIENT.

UPEI's Scope of Services, in general, shall be as follows:

  • Review CLIENT’s personnel requirements, interview and short-list the candidates who meet the qualifications set by CLIENT, for its evaluation and review.
  • Place the requisite documents and coordinate with all the appropriate government agencies or any agency that may hereafter be designated to act on the papers of the Filipino workers approved for hire by CLIENT for overseas placement.
  • Arrange for medical examination of approved candidates to a standard prescribed by CLIENT and/or the host country government, respectively.
  • Arrange for necessary clearances, passport, visas and other documents required by the workers for their travel to jobsite; (All Visas are provided by CLIENT).
  • Arrange for the purchase, at maximum discounted rate, of airline tickets for travel of the workers approved for hire by the CLIENT and advise CLIENT of the worker’s travel details.
  • If necessary, attend to the worker’s banking instructions and coordinate the remittances relative to the worker’s employment.
  • Coordinate with CLIENT’s insurers in connection with Workmen’s Compensation coverage and benefit claims of the worker.
  • Coordinate with the proper government office and/or family of the worker in cases of industrial accident and/or death of any worker.
  • Provide normal and reasonable liaison between employees and their immediate families.
  • Provide CLIENT with regular Recruitment Processing Status Reports at regular intervals and as desired by the project.
  • With CLIENT’s prior approval, UPEI shall arrange any documentation and also provide travel formalities to current employees “recontracting” with CLIENT, at reasonable Service fee agreed upon.