It was in late 1979 when then, UNITED PRIMOVER ENTERPRISES (UPE) was chosen as the Philippines’ representative and sole manpower supplier by the world-renowned engineering and construction management firm - BECHTEL CORPORATION, of San Francisco, California, U.S.A., where its Head Office is located. Under a manning services agreement signed by and between the parties, UPE undertook the recruitment and hiring of highly-trained and experienced Filipino skilled personnel and professionals required by several overseas construction projects managed and supervised by Bechtel subsidiaries and affiliates. UNITED PRIMOVER has since maintained continuous and harmonious business relationship with Bechtel and its subsidiaries under said Manning Services Agreement, which is renewed and signed yearly by both parties. Said agreement was terminated on 26 June 2001.

In addition, United Primover Enterprises, Inc. (UPEI) has likewise provided similar services to numerous other foreign clients/employers who recruited and hired scores of Filipino technical, skilled and semi-skilled personnel for their respective overseas projects located in various jobsites.

The above accomplishments highlights UPEI’s tangible contribution and the unblemished supports it has given to the country’s Manpower Export Program spanning a continuous period of over two (2) decades (1978 up to date) of dedicated service.

UPEI has also proudly maintained a sound and solid business foundation supported by a strong, efficient and service-oriented management, and assisted by highly-trained and competent staff, which has earned UPEI the enviable respect and confidence of all those it has served over the years. It has also maintained an unblemished image of goodwill and has preserved its integrity amongst those engaged in a similar undertaking in the Philippines - a concrete proof of this is the fact that a good number of its foreign clients still maintain a continuing business relationship with UPEI up to date.