UNITED PRIMOVER ENTERPRISES, INC. or (UPEI, as it is now known), was originally established as a “sole” proprietorship in early 1974, until its conversion into a corporate entity in May 1997. Its primary purpose (then) was to engage in general construction works undertaken for both the Government and the private sector, mainly in Luzon and particularly within the National Capital Region (NCR) and Metro Manila. United Primover diligently pursued its main objective and, amidst stiff industrial competition, tackled both small and medium-size construction projects won by public bidding and some through negotiations-profitably and successfully competing all its projects at the time.

By mid-1977, with the modest finances at its disposal and aroused by an intense desire to diversify its business undertaking, the owner-proprietor decided to embark on yet another promising venture – that of “Manpower Export” which, at that time, was on the upswing – a trend that has awakened the interest of many in the country’s business sector. The UPEI management lost no time in securing the required business license and permits to recruit and deploy Filipino professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers for employment by foreign-based employers. Said license and permit were issued by the concerned government authorities, notably by the erstwhile Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE) and by the City of Makati, where UPEI operates.

During that initial period of its operation as a licensed recruiter, UPEI or Primover, as it was more popularly known, started recruiting and deploying land-based workers for the foreign employers who have engaged its services in staffing their construction projects in various parts of the Middle East, notably in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Asia-Pacific countries where Filipino skilled labor are in great demand. This interesting development occurred during the eighties (1980’s) and UPEI became one of the most active and dependable recruitment agencies at that time, earning the goodwill and recognition not only from both the increasing number of clients principals, but including the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for the valuable services UPEI has rendered to the manpower export industry.

UPEI takes pride in having, as its affiliate, Primover Consultancy Services, Inc. (PCSI), a consultancy firm which provides manpower complementation to a diversified range of clientele in need of IT professional and other related IT services (i.e. project management, project implementation, system analysis, design and programming, networking and cabling, IT training and e-business solutions development).

PCSI, in its infancy, has successfully provided IT consultancy services to reputable companies such as, Citibank, General Electric Co., Michelin Asia Pacific Support Center, Inc., Philam Group of Companies, Unilever (PRC) Philippines, Inc., Zurich Philippines, Avon Cosmetics, Inc., etc.

UNITED PRIMOVER ENTERPRISES, INC. is presently and actively a member in good standing of the PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE EXPORTERS, INC. (PASEI) and was formerly a member of various manpower service-oriented organizations in the Philippines such as;